What To Know About Solar Panel Installation

30 June 2022
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If you want to save on energy bills, you may want to consider solar panels. Solar panel installation allows you to harness the sun's power to reduce energy costs and power your home. Solar panel installation will also reduce your carbon footprint. While there are many reasons to consider adding solar panels to your home, there are a few things to know before installing them. Here's what to know about solar panel installation. Read More …

A Look At Important Steps In The Shingle Replacement Process When Getting A New Roof

27 June 2022
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If your roof is old and the shingles have lost a lot of granules, it's time to consider scheduling a roof replacement. A good time for shingle replacement is in the summer when the weather is agreeable. It's also a busy time for roofers, so you may need to wait a few weeks to get the work started. Here are some important steps in the shingle replacement process. Throw Old Shingles In A Dumpster Read More …

See Why Your Roof Is Annoyingly Leaky

21 June 2022
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Roofs are usually the first line of defense against the harsh weather elements and are therefore supposed to be watertight. Once your roof is damaged, it can lead to many issues, one of which is water damage. Such damage can cause the wood frames to rot, compromising the roof's structural integrity. It is therefore advisable to be aware of some of the reasons why your roof is leaky.  Cracked Flashing Read More …

A Few Shingle Repair Services That Keep Your Asphalt Shingle Roof In Good Condition

20 June 2022
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If your roof is still in pretty good shape overall, but it has damage from birds, animals, tree branches, or storms, a shingle repair service can repair your shingles to protect the roof of your deck so you get many more years of life from your roofing. In some cases, shingles might need to be replaced, but it's also possible the roofer can make quick repairs and keep the old shingles. Read More …

Making Sure A New Roof Lasts And Locks In Value

14 June 2022
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When building a new home or business, your roof is what keeps you safe. Many people don't know how to spot problems before they happen. For example, failure to choose the right shingles can lead to problems with snow/ice accumulation and leaks. Here is the information you need to ensure your roof locks in value. Choosing the Right Roofing Materials  There are a variety of materials used for roofing today. These include shingles made from asphalt and wood, tiles, shakes, and slate sheets. Read More …