How Routine Metal Roof Maintenance Looks Like

3 June 2022
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Metal roofs are known to be extremely strong, durable, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient. Even so, they do gradually wear down due to exposure to harsh weather, and the damage worsens when you fail to pay attention. Luckily, these roofing systems need minimal upkeep to maintain top condition, especially with proper installation. Maintenances also help retain the charm and ensure longevity. Below are some of the steps roofers take during routine upkeep to allow you to get more out of your investment. Read More …

4 Common Types Of Roof Storm Damage

31 May 2022
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Storms are nightmares for homeowners. While your roof is designed to withstand small to moderate storms, it may not be able to withstand huge storms. Knowing the type of damage to expect after a storm helps you seek roof storm damage repairs on time. Below are four types of storm damage you should be aware of and how a roofer can help you repair them. Wind Damage Heavy winds often accompany storms. Read More …

How To Avoid Common Flat Roof Problems

9 May 2022
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Flat roofs perform excellently in terms of energy efficiency. Besides that, they are appealing due to their concealed nature. This roof also offers you a secondary outdoor space to install your air conditioning unit and solar panels. However, flat roofs also have their fair share of problems. So, if you want to get the most out of your flat roof, you need to address any emerging problems early.  However, you need to involve a roofing professional to handle periodic maintenance and repairs. Read More …

Roofing Services: Low-Pitch Roofing Challenges You May Experience

20 April 2022
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If you are looking for an alternative to a flat roof, you can opt for a low-pitched roof. Like flat roofs, low-pitched roofs provide useful space to install your solar panels and HVAC system. Also, this roof ensures that you don't mess up views of other parts of the property. Generally, low-pitched roofs are less prone to leaks, and their installation cost is considerably lower compared to other roofing systems. But as you plan to install a low-pitched roof, it is important to learn about issues you might experience. Read More …

Roof Hail Damage Services You May Need Include Repairing Flashing, Roofing, And Gutters

13 January 2022
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Hail can be surprisingly hard on roofing materials. An asphalt shingle roof can be destroyed by large hail. Clay tile and metal roofs can sustain a lot of damage too. If you see damage after a hailstorm, or even if you suspect it, let a roofer take a look. Timely roof hail damage services are important, or else the damaged areas could begin to leak. Here are common types of damage caused by hail. Read More …