Dynamic Benefits Of Considering A Roofing Made From Cedar Shakes When Re-Roofing

Dynamic Benefits Of Considering A Roofing Made From Cedar Shakes When Re-Roofing

30 June 2022
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Cedar shake is one of the popular home roofing choices, and for good reason. This roofing material is available in different styles and colors. You can go for a rustic or customized appearance that enhances your property when looking to replace your current structure. Here are the dynamic benefits of cedar shake roofing.

Visual Appeal

Cedar roofing can improve your home's curb appeal, thanks to the diverse colors. You can choose from different hues, such as amber, red, gold, and brown. The result is a roof replacement that gives your home an inviting look from across the street. The best part is that cedar shakes can be customized to meet your needs and preference. A roofer can help you select a color that blends well with the surroundings. Keep in mind that this roofing material will offer a long-lasting aesthetic appeal, provided you care for it.

Insect Repellant

Typically, insects like living and eating wood. For instance, termites can find their way to your structure and create a home. Eventually, these pests can invade your home and damage your property. The good news is that cedar roofs have an element that naturally repels insects. An expert can also use cedar in your siding to prevent insects from reaching your roof. That way, your new replacement, and the entire structure can be free from infestation. After installation, regular maintenance is crucial to keep your roof in prime condition.

Better Insulation

Cedar shakes can effectively insulate your living space. This roofing can block excessive sunlight from entering your home during the summer and keep warm air from escaping outdoors to keep you warm during the winter. On that account, you don't have to overwork your AC or heater for comfort. With this kind of insulation, your energy bills will reduce drastically due to well-maintained temperatures, regardless of the season.


Cedar roofing can last longer, thanks to its sturdiness. Your new installation will endure hail, heavy downpours, winds, and storms. An expert will also apply a coating or paint your roof to extend its lifespan. What's more, you do not have to worry about missing sections because cedar roofing can withstand the elements. A roofer will apply the right treatments on your roof to resist fire and biological growth.

If you have a roof replacement in mind, cedar shake roofing is a great option for your consideration. It comes with the above endless benefits. You can work with a roofer to pick the right design, color, and size for your home. To learn more, contact roof replacement services today.