Understanding the Process of Getting New Asphalt Roofing Installed on Your Home

Understanding the Process of Getting New Asphalt Roofing Installed on Your Home

30 May 2024
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When it comes to home improvements, getting a new asphalt roof installed can be a significant investment. Not only does it enhance the curb appeal of your home, but it also provides essential protection from the elements. If you're considering this upgrade, understanding the process of working with roofing contractors is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful project.

Assessment and Estimate

The first step in getting a new asphalt roof installed is to schedule an assessment with roofing contractors. During this initial consultation, the contractors will inspect your current roof to assess its condition and determine the scope of work needed for the installation. Following their assessment, they will give you an estimate detailing the expenses for materials, labor, and any extra services needed.

Permitting and Scheduling

Once you've reviewed and approved the estimate, the next step is to obtain any necessary permits for the roofing installation. Some municipalities require permits for roofing projects to ensure that the work complies with building codes and regulations. Your roofing contractors will handle the permit application process on your behalf, taking care of all the necessary paperwork.

With permits secured, the contractors will work with you to schedule the installation date. Factors such as weather conditions, availability of materials, and crew scheduling may influence the timeline for your project. Clear communication with your contractors throughout this phase is essential to coordinate a convenient start date for the installation.

Preparation and Tear-Off

Before the new asphalt roofing can be installed, any existing shingles or roofing materials must be removed in a process known as tear-off. This step is critical to ensure a clean surface for the new roof installation and identify any underlying issues that need addressing before proceeding. The tear-off process can be noisy and messy, so it's important to prepare your home and surroundings accordingly.

Installation of Underlayment and Roofing Materials

With the old roofing removed, the next phase involves installing underlayment to serve as a protective barrier between the roof deck and shingles. The underlayment plays a crucial role in preventing water infiltration and prolonging the lifespan of your new roof. Once the underlayment is in place, roofing contractors will begin installing the asphalt shingles according to manufacturer specifications.

Finishing Touches and Cleanup

As the new asphalt roofing nears completion, your contractors will focus on finishing touches such as ridge caps, flashing, and trim details to ensure a seamless and watertight finish. Once all components are in place, a final inspection will be conducted to verify that the installation meets quality standards and adheres to industry best practices. After receiving approval from both you and their team leads or supervisors that everything looks good, they'll remove any debris from your property resulting from their work.

Getting new asphalt roofing installed on your home is a multi-step process that requires careful planning and coordination between homeowners and roofing contractors. By understanding each phase of the installation process, you can feel confident in your decision to invest in a new roof for your home.

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