Getting Your Roof Replaced? 4 Ways To Prepare Your Space

27 September 2021
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If you are getting your roof replaced, you are going to want to prepare your space to make the process of installing your new roof easier on your roofing contractors. You can take steps to protect your belongings and provide those working on your property with a safe work zone. Protect Items in Your Attic If you have an attic that you use as a storage space, you will want to protect the items in your attic. Read More …

Roof Repair 101: Understanding The Factors Affecting Cost

27 August 2021
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While most people fully expect a roof replacement to be a costly undertaking, many don't have any concept of the costs associated with repairs. Without any prior experience in roofing repairs, it makes sense that you wouldn't really understand the costs associated with the work. Before you call for a quote from your local roofing repair contractor, it's important to understand the fundamentals of a roof repair quote. Here's a look at some of the factors that will affect how much it costs to repair your roof. Read More …

Metal Roof Conversion: Transforming Your Home With Standing Seam Roofing

24 August 2021
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The decision to convert conventional asphalt shingles to standing seam metal roofing may initially seem like a small one. Once you begin your project, it will become evident that there were several choices, design plans, and things to consider. Here's a guide that will make these choices and the planning of a metal roof conversion easier for you: Remove Old Roofing Materials There are some things to consider when removing your old roofing. Read More …

Guide To Thermal Shock On Commercial Roofs

23 August 2021
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Thermal shock can cause severe damage to a membrane roof. Often, the damage seems to occur with no warning. The building may seem fine in the evening, but the next morning, there is visible damage and possibly even water leaking into your building.  What Is Thermal Shock? When temperatures change rapidly and drastically, thermal shock becomes a concern. The quick expansion and retraction of membrane roofing materials can lead to stress on the membrane itself. Read More …

The Dangers Of Pooling Water On Your Building’s Flat Roof

20 August 2021
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Flat roofing is the most common type of commercial roofing. Despite its popularity, flat roofing does have its complications. As a business owner with a flat-roofed building, you need to inspect your roofing regularly for signs of problems. One such problem that you may have with a flat roof is water pooling. It's important that you understand why this is a concern so that you can monitor for it and address it right away if you notice it occurring on your roof. Read More …