Roof Leaks Wreak Havoc Beyond The Rooftop

9 August 2021
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Are you a homeowner? If so, you may not think about your roof that often. It is important to get routine roof inspections and inspections after severe weather in your area. These inspections are your best defense against leaks. Some roof leaks are not obvious. The hidden leaks may stay contained in the attic until the building materials there can no longer contain them. This is when homeowners may start to see stains on their ceilings and upper walls. Read More …

5 Signs of Leaking Siding

5 August 2021
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Siding is meant to protect the walls of your home from moisture. If the siding fails, moisture gets into the walls where it can cause rot, mildew, and other severe structural issues.  1. Interior Wall Damage Often, the first sign of an issue with exterior siding is interior damage on walls that have extended to the sided exterior. You may notice water stains and discoloration on the walls, or the paint may begin to bubble and peel due to the moisture seeping through the wallboard. Read More …

Roof Underlayment Guide

4 August 2021
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There are several components that make up a new roof. You are likely prepared to choose your shingle type and color, but you may be unaware of components like underlayment and the several different choices for it. The following guide can help you better understand underlayment and your roof.  Purpose Underlayment is a membrane layer that goes on over the top of the roof cladding but under the shingles. It is used with all shingle types, from asphalt and tile shingles to metal panel roofs. Read More …

Talk to a Roofing Contractor About Granule Loss on Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

3 August 2021
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The granules on your asphalt shingles play an important role in protecting your shingles from UV damage. When roofing contractors do roof inspections, they check the condition of the granules as they give an indication of whether the roof needs to be replaced. If you notice a lot of granules in your gutters, or if your roof has bald patches, talk to your roofing contractor about your concerns. You might need to replace your roof to ward off a roof leak. Read More …

Things to Consider Before Hiring Roof Replacement Services

30 July 2021
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You may have concrete reasons for wanting to replace your roof. It could be the roof is too old, or it has endured a huge storm and the effects of the storm are significant on your roof. Whatever reason you may have for calling for roof replacement services, you should weigh all available options and various other factors before settling for roof replacement. If you're thinking of replacing your roof soon, you're already most likely trying to figure out who is the best contractor to work with on the replacement project. Read More …