3 Reasons Having Regular Commercial Roofing Services Is Important For Your Membrane Roofing

3 Reasons Having Regular Commercial Roofing Services Is Important For Your Membrane Roofing

21 March 2023
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One of the important commercial roofing services you can have done is to monitor for leaks. You may want roof inspections done one or two times each year to look for roof damage that allows rain to get underneath your commercial roofing.

It's also a good idea to have your roof checked after a storm with hail hits your area since hail can rip or puncture roofing membranes. Here's why keeping up with leak repair is so important for commercial membrane roofing.

1. A Leak Can Ruin The Cover Boards

Commercial membrane roofing is usually installed over cover boards or insulation boards. These create a smooth surface for the membrane to adhere to, and they can be placed to create the slope needed to create natural roof drainage.

One of the commercial roofing services you need before you get a new roof is to have the cover boards checked for moisture damage. The results of the inspection determine if you can have new roofing applied over the old roofing or if you have to tear off all the old roofing to get rid of water damage. By keeping up with repairing leaks, you could save money when it's time to get a new roof.

2. Rain Could Drip Inside Your Building

If your building has a plywood deck rather than metal, water might get the deck wet if it leaks under the membrane and soaks the cover boards. If this happens, rain can eventually leak through your roof. This might cause damage to equipment or inventory. Also, if the deck gets wet, it starts to rot. That could cause the roof to sag and create a hazardous situation.

It's always important to keep a roof deck dry, no matter what kind of building or roofing you have. The best way to do that is to keep up with roof repairs that close holes and cracks in the roofing so rain stays on top of the roof rather than seep down to the deck.

3. Roof Damage From Leaks Gets Worse

A big problem with roof leaks is that the damage gets worse over time as more rain leaks in and more rot occurs. While it is easy to seal a hole in a membrane roof, repairs become more difficult and expensive when the deck under the membrane has to be repaired, too. By having regular inspections and roof repairs, you can control the amount of money you need to spend to keep your roof in good shape over the years.

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