3 Small Additions That Will Take Your Fireplace Installation To The Next Level

3 Small Additions That Will Take Your Fireplace Installation To The Next Level

22 November 2021
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When winter approaches, the first thing on homeowners' minds is whether their premises will be warm enough for the cold season. If you have occupied a house for many years, you might consider replacing the fireplace with something better. Most of the suppliers offer a standard fireplace, and you have to pick the extra features that will make yours excellent. Here are three small additions that will take your fireplace installation to the next level.

Add Doors to Enclose the Fireplace

You need to add doors to the fireplace for several reasons. First, when your fireplace has doors, it is safe for your children and pets. Small children cannot wander into the appliance and risk getting burns and other accidents. The doors also restrict the entry of the large pests that like hiding in the fireplace and chimney. You will have fewer instances of raccoons and other vermin getting into your fireplace when you ask the contractor to add a door to your fireplace. The efficiency of your fireplace also improves greatly when you have doors installed. 

Choose More Than One Fuel Source

Most people compare and contrast what the different fuel sources have to offer and pick one. However, you can get the best of all the fuel sources available for heating up the fireplace. For example, you can choose a combination of pellet and wood if you have installed a natural fireplace. You could also choose gas and electricity if your fireplace is modern. The alternative fuel source makes it easy to switch from one source to another when one is not functional. The fireplace will also be cost-effective and easy to use. 

Add Features to Improve Energy Efficiency

When installing a fireplace, you also need to think about energy efficiency. Traditional fireplaces offer unique beauty for the guests. However, it creates a serious issue for the rest of the air conditioning system by sucking up the conditioned air. It also leads to the loss of a huge chunk of the heat up the chimney. When choosing a fireplace insert, make sure that it enhances the overall energy efficiency of your home. The contractor will help you choose the perfect features to optimize energy efficiency.

A professional can help you choose the features that will optimize your fireplace's safety, beauty, and functionality. Research on the options in the market, and choose the one that you can tailor to suit your needs. For more information, contact a fireplace installation company.