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Wondering If Your House Is Ready For New Shingles? Important Criteria For Timing Roof Replacement

16 July 2021
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Replacing roofing shingles is a necessary but expensive home improvement task that most homeowners will face at least once in their lives. If they are not replaced in a timely manner, deteriorated or damaged roofing shingles can quickly endanger the value and structure of the home by allowing moisture to infiltrate the interior. In addition, the occupants may experience negative health issues caused by excessive humidity or exposure to mold if the roof has begun to leak. Read More …

Repairs Your EPDM Roofing Membrane Might Need

15 July 2021
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It's important to keep up with flat roofing repairs so you can prevent a roof leak. A common problem with roofing membranes for flat roofs is punctures. Another problem that might occur is water collecting in a low area of the roof. These problems can be fixed no matter what kind of membrane roof you have, even a rubber roof. Here's a look at how a commercial flat roofing repair contractor might handle these problems on your EPDM roofing membrane. Read More …

Four Ways to Ensure You Get a Good Deal on a New Roof

13 July 2021
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One of the best ways to get a good deal on a brand new roof is to know what your options are. Finding the right company, having your roof inspected, figuring out your payment options, and choosing the best installation date can take some work, but the savings make it well worth the effort. Ask Around and Negotiate Unless you have a contractor you're determined to work with, seeking multiple quotes is a good way to start narrowing down your options. Read More …

Why Roofers Are Best Suited For Your Roof’s Custom Remodeling Project

12 July 2021
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Finding the right professional for a custom roofing remodeling project can be difficult. If you don't have so much experience in the roofing industry, you may even be wondering whether you should hire a general contractor or a roofer.  However, roofers are the best suited for your roof remodeling project. It takes a lot of expertise to install new shingles, replace faulty gutters, and ensure that everything is done right, so your home doesn't leak. Read More …

2 Possible Reasons Why Your Home Roof’s Shingles Are Buckling

8 July 2021
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While looking at your roof from the ground, you may have noticed that it has taken on a wavy appearance. Upon closer examination, you may have found that there are areas on the roof where the shingles look like they are buckling up in the center. If your roof's shingles are buckling, this means that water is most likely seeping under them. There are a couple of possible reasons why this buckling is occurring, both of which requiring a professional to fix the issues. Read More …