Concrete Tile Roofing: The MVP Of The Roofing Industry

Concrete Tile Roofing: The MVP Of The Roofing Industry

19 July 2023
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If the roofing industry had to choose an MVP roofing material, what do you think they would choose? Chances are, people would have a variety of opinions. However, many would surely agree that concrete tile is the real MVP in the roofing world. It really stands out from the crowd in terms of durability, longevity, and overall quality. Here are a few more specific reasons why concrete tile is the MVP of the roofing world.

Concrete Tile Is Highly Wind Resistant

If you drive down the street after a big wind storm, you're likely to see lots of shingles in yards and in the street. You may also see a few metal panels and some shakes. However, it is unlikely that you'll see any concrete tiles. Their weight makes them highly resistant to wind damage. This is why they are so popular in hurricane-prone areas. But concrete tiles also work well in areas that get winter blizzards and big thunderstorms. 

Concrete Tile Does Well Under Tree Branches

Trees are a threat to most roofs. They trap moisture against the roof, drop debris on the roof, and may even drop heavy branches that damage the roof. A concrete tile roof is better able to stand up to tree cover than almost any other roof material. If a branch or two falls on the concrete tile, it should be fine. Shade won't cause it to rot or rust, either.

Concrete Tile Is Fire Resistant

In areas where wildfires are a concern, you really want a fireproof roof to help protect your home. Even if wildfires are not a big concern, a concrete tile roof may keep a fire at the neighbor's house from spreading to your house. So, the fact that concrete tiles are fire resistant is definitely a reason why they're the MVP.

Concrete Tile Absorbs Sound Well

Do you have noisy neighbors? Maybe you live next to a busy road. A roof that absorbs more sound will help keep your home quieter. Because it is so thick and dense, concrete tile roofing does a good job of blocking sound. It's a perfect choice in busy areas or if you have young kids who are bothered by loud noises.

If there is an MVP in the roofing world, it's concrete tile. If you need a new roof, talk to your roofing company to learn more about this material, its price, and its benefits. For more information on roof installations, contact a company near you.