A Skylight Addition: Inspection, Products, And Installation Steps

A Skylight Addition: Inspection, Products, And Installation Steps

31 August 2023
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The addition of a skylight will allow natural light to filter into your residence. However, installing a skylight requires the expertise of roofers. Learn about some of the steps associated with this type of upgrade.

An Inspection of Your Rooftop

The pitch of your home's rooftop and the composition of the rafters and insulating materials within your home will need to be inspected by a licensed contractor. A roofing specialist will determine an optimal location to install a skylight on your rooftop.

A roofing specialist will also confirm whether your home's rooftop is strong enough to support a skylight. The materials that comprise the roofing system will need to be damage-free. This will ensure that the skylight can safely be installed. During the preliminary part of a skylight upgrade, a hole will need to be cut in the rooftop. This hole will ultimately be fitted with a skylight.

Skylight Products

Deck-mounted and curb-mounted skylights differ in appearance and the manner in which they are installed. Deck-mounted products contain base pieces that are anchored to each skylight during the manufacturing process.

The base pieces are constructed of wood and metal. Flashing materials are included in the design of a deck-mounted skylight. This type of skylight is designed to be slightly elevated from the rooftop.

A curb-mounted skylight is designed to lay flush with the rooftop. A roofing specialist will need to secure flashing and wood around the skylight. These pieces will be secured directly to the decking materials that are part of the roofing system.

Roofing Material Preparations

Before a new skylight is installed, a roofing specialist will need to remove the roofing materials that will surround the skylight. This will allow the roofing professional to install the anchoring materials directly to the decking.

Debris on the rooftop will be removed. A tarp or another protective covering may be secured over the opening where the new skylight will be installed.

Final Steps

Hardware will be used to attach your new skylight to your home. After the flashing materials and other parts that surround the skylight have been installed, your roofer will reattach the shingles or other roofing materials that were previously removed.

They will perform an inspection of the rafters and insulating material located inside your home. These final steps will determine if the new skylight is airtight. If the skylight materials have been installed correctly, moisture will be blocked from entering your home.