2 Signs Your Home's Old Standing Seam Metal Roof Needs To Be Replaced

2 Signs Your Home's Old Standing Seam Metal Roof Needs To Be Replaced

10 May 2023
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Years ago, when you had a new roof put on your house, you may have opted for a standing seam metal roof because of its durability and resistance to the elements. Unfortunately, while metal roofs do tend to last longer than shingles, they do eventually succumb to age and wear.

Even if the roof has not been overtly damaged, it may still be deteriorating and could start leaking soon. Below are a couple of signs that your home's old standing seam metal roof should be replaced by a professional before you start having problems with water leakage.

1. Coating or Paint Has Started to Peel, Causing Rust to Form on the Bare Metal Surface of the Roof

One sign that your home's old metal roof is past its prime and should be replaced is when you notice large areas where the coating or paint has started to peel off. Since the paint or coating serves as an additional layer of protection from moisture and sunlight, when it starts to peel off, this issue leaves the bare metal underneath unprotected.

Usually, with an old metal roof, it will not take long for this unprotected bare metal to start rusting. If the roof is peeling and you noticed that the metal underneath has turned a reddish-brown color, it is time to seriously consider having a roofing professional replace it.

2. Edges of the Seams Have Started to Bend or Curl, Leaving Gaps Where Water Can Leak Through

Another sign that your home's old standing seam roof should be replaced soon is when the edges of the seams have started to bend or curl. Normally, the standing seams offer extra protection because they overlap and divert water away from the seams.

However, if the edges have been damaged or are starting to deteriorate, the seams are no longer fully protected, and the gaps that are created will eventually allow water to leak through. Before this happens, you should think about having the roof replaced.

If your home's old standing seam roof is showing signs of deterioration, such as peeling paint, surface rust, and damaged seam edges, its condition will only get worse. If this happens, the metal roof will start to leak unless something is done about it. Because of the roof's age and overall deteriorating condition, you should contact a roofer who offers metal roof replacement services to discuss your options for having a new roof installed on your home.

For more information on a metal roof replacement, contact a professional near you.