4 Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractor About Getting A Metal Roof For Your Outbuilding

4 Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractor About Getting A Metal Roof For Your Outbuilding

26 April 2023
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If you have a large outbuilding you use for animals, equipment, or just to park an RV, you'll want a durable roof on it so you can avoid leaks without having to do frequent repairs. A good choice in roofing for an outbuilding is metal. It's more expensive than asphalt shingles, but metal is a lot more durable too. Here are four questions to ask your roofing contractor before putting a metal roof on your building.

1. Does The Old Roofing Have To Come Off?

There may not be a convenient place for a dumpster next to an outbuilding that's far from your driveway, so you may wonder if you can leave the old roof in place. This is often done with metal roofing since it's lightweight.

However, it depends on the condition of the roof. If the roof has a lot of moisture damage, the old roofing will probably need to come off so the moisture damage can be repaired. Either way, your roofing contractor can come up with a plan for disposing of old roofing materials if needed, even if they can't get a dumpster up next to the building.

2. What's A Good Color For The Roof?

Metal roofing is available in a lot of solid colors. The color you choose will depend on the color and style of your building. A red or white roof might look nice if the building is styled like a barn, but you have quite a variety of other colors to choose from. Remember that lighter colors help keep your building cooler in the summer.

Your roofing contractor can show you color samples so you know all of your choices before making up your mind on the roof color.

3. Should You Get Standing-Seam Panels?

Standing-seam panels are more expensive than exposed-fastener panels, but standing-seam panels are more watertight and durable. The fasteners are hidden under the panels when the panels lock together. This eliminates problems with screws and washers degrading in the sun and leaking.

Standing-seam panels also lock together so it's very difficult for rain to leak through. This means your roof shouldn't need very many repairs, and that's important for an outbuilding you may not monitor as often as you do your house. Your roofing contractor might recommend standing-seam metal roofing since it is more durable, but you also have to consider your budget.

4. How Well Does Metal Protect The Building?

Metal is a good type of roofing to have on an outbuilding since it protects your building from a field fire that might send floating embers toward the building. It also resists wind damage and hail. If the hail is large enough, the roof might dent, but the damage is often cosmetic and doesn't lead to a roof leak.

Metal is an excellent roofing material for all kinds of buildings, including an outbuilding you might use as a garage or barn. For more information, contact a roofing contractor near you.