Metal Roofs Sometimes Don't Resist Moisture As Well As Other Commercial Roofs

Metal Roofs Sometimes Don't Resist Moisture As Well As Other Commercial Roofs

23 January 2023
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Metal roofs are very strong and can last a long time. But if you're considering installing a metal roof for your commercial business, it might be an inferior choice under some circumstances. Metal roofs can be more prone to leakage than other commercial roofing options.

Other Types of Roofs are More Waterproof

Flat BUR roofs and modified roofs are designed to be partially waterproof. It's still bad for water to form ponds on these types of roofs, but they can hold up better than metal roofs. When it rains, it's important that the metal roof drain so that water doesn't accumulate on the roof unless it's only for a very brief period.

Rust Can Lead to Leaks

A metal roof might start to rust. This doesn't necessarily mean that it will leak. However, the rust can eventually cause the roof to form holes, and your roof might also lose its protective coating. You'll then need to contact commercial roofing services to perform the necessary repairs.

Metal Roofs are Vulnerable to Punctures

Commercial buildings commonly have HVAC units installed on their roofs. This process can place strain on a metal roof and cause punctures. The roof can also become damaged by foot traffic.

Foot Traffic Can Warp the Metal Panels

Foot traffic can cause deflection. This is the crimping of metal panels and can cause issues with water movement. Water needs to move on a flat metal roof because it needs to eventually make its way to a drain so it can be removed from the building. 

When trying to repair the roof, the patch might interfere with the movement of water. This can make the situation even worse.

Components Can Wear Out

Certain components of a metal roof can develop issues that can lead to the roof leaking. For example, the fasteners can back out and will then leave holes in the roof through which water will leak. Strong winds can also rip components such as vent flashings and foam closures from your roof. These problems can be prevented if you instead have a commercial roofing contractor install a different type of commercial roof.

The metal roof you choose for your business is very important because it will affect your bottom line. If you choose the right roof, you will have less maintenance costs and you will be able to reduce your carbon emissions and energy bills. Therefore, it's essential to work closely with a professional commercial roofing service.

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