3 Things To Consider Before Installing New Siding

3 Things To Consider Before Installing New Siding

10 January 2023
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Replacing siding is the best way to update your home's appearance or repair damage from algae and mold. If you're a homeowner who's new to siding replacement, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the choices available to you. To make the process easier, here are three things to consider before installing new siding. 

1. Color Coordination

Siding colors can look quite different depending on the home the siding is applied to. When you're choosing a color for new siding, you should make sure it coordinates well with the accent colors that are present on your home's exterior.

If your doors and window frames are red or brown, a warm-colored siding will usually blend quite well. A roof covered in dark slate or asphalt shingles will create a pleasant contrast if you choose siding with neutral hues. Ranch-style homes often benefit from the rustic appeal of wood or faux-wood siding, while colonial homes are often best suited for white, beige, or gray siding.

2. Maintenance Needs

The material your siding is made of will have an impact on more than its appearance. Wood siding has very different properties from vinyl siding. Since wood is porous and susceptible to rot, it will need more frequent cleaning and painting than vinyl. Vinyl siding was designed to overcome these drawbacks of wood siding. However, vinyl planks are less versatile in size and appearance, and vinyl is a less effective insulator in comparison to wood.

3. Time of Year

Temperature and weather always have an impact on home exterior upgrades, and siding is no exception. The time of year that you choose to install siding will influence the cost and difficulty of installation as well as contractor availability. Severe heat or cold can cause your new siding to expand and contract, which may interfere with adhesion. Rain and snow can have similar effects, so your contractors will set an installation date on a day with fair weather and reschedule if necessary.

Many homeowners choose to update their siding with the new year in the spring, so this will be one of the busiest times of the year for contractors. If you schedule siding installation in the off-season, many contractors will provide discounts on labor and materials. Fall and winter are ideal times for a budget-friendly siding replacement when the weather permits.

A little planning goes a long way to help your new siding installation meet your expectations. Remember these tips and enlist the help of a siding contractor to find the ideal siding for your home.