4 Factors That Will Influence Your Residential Roof Inspection Cost Estimate

4 Factors That Will Influence Your Residential Roof Inspection Cost Estimate

7 December 2022
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As part of your residential building maintenance, a professional should inspect your roof regularly. Professional roof inspections help identify roofing issues that can lead to serious problems later on if not caught and addressed in time. They can also be performed to assess roof damage after severe weather events, such as windstorms and hail storms. 

Roof inspections cost money. However, roof inspection costs can vary from job to job depending on multiple factors. Here are some factors that roofing professionals consider when estimating the cost of your residential roof inspection service.

1. Your Roof Size

Roof size is measured in terms of square footage, which is calculated by multiplying a building's area (length x width) with the roof's pitch multiplier (also known as the roof slope factor). The larger the square footage of your roof, the longer it will take to inspect, and the more you'll be charged for your roof inspection service.

2. Your Roof Type

The type of roof you have will affect the complexity of your roof inspection job. Generally, the difficulty in performing the job increases with an increase in roof slope. The steeper your roof is, the harder it will be to access and inspect. On the other hand, flat and low-slope roofs are regarded as less dangerous to inspect, hence they attract lower inspection costs.

3. Your Roof's Age And Condition

Your roof degrades with age, so it will require more thorough inspections as it ages. Since your roofer will take more time to inspect an older roof, you should expect to pay more for the service.

Ignoring maintenance on your roof can also lead to higher roof inspection costs. A neglected roof that's in bad repair will take more time to inspect, thus resulting in inflated service costs.

4. Your Home's Location

Where you live also affects the cost of your roof inspection service because of the distance involved. The longer the distance your roofer has to travel to reach your home, the more they'll charge for your job. If you want to keep this cost item to a minimum, consider using a local roofing company or contractor.

Like several other homeowners, you want to keep your roof in the best condition possible. A roof that's in good repair will keep your family safe, healthy, and comfortable but also increase your home's resale price. 

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