Keep Your Building In Good Condition With Commercial Siding Pressure Cleaning

Keep Your Building In Good Condition With Commercial Siding Pressure Cleaning

9 September 2022
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The exterior of your building is the first thing customers notice as they approach your door. That's why it's important to keep your building in good repair and keep it clean. Cleaning the exterior of a building can be difficult work, but an easy way to do it is by pressure washing.

A commercial siding pressure cleaning service can clean your siding whether you have vinyl, metal, brick, or any other type of siding. The key is to be sure the water isn't driven behind the siding and that the pressure isn't too high for the type of siding you have. Here are other things to know about pressure cleaning commercial siding.

Your Building May Look New Again 

If your siding has stains, dirt, or algae on it, your building may look neglected, old, and worn out. You'll want to repair damaged siding too, but pressure washing alone is often enough to transform the appearance of your building and make it look almost as good as new.

That's because pressure washing uses a strong stream of water to dislodge dirt and scrub away stains. Since the contractor has to be careful about using too much pressure, they'll probably use cleaning chemicals too that kill and break up algae and remove other stains easily. When finished, your building should look much brighter and newer since the accumulated dirt buildup has been removed.

You Might Try Pressure Washing Instead Of Painting

You'll probably need your building pressure washed before it can be painted, so that gives you a chance to see if pressure washing alone gives you the results you want. Some types of siding never need to be painted, so pressure washing is a good way to brighten and freshen the appearance of your building.

Some siding might need paint if the old paint is chipping off or if the original color has faded and is unattractive. In that case, the pressure washer can help remove chipped paint. Plus, washing gets the walls clean so the new paint will stick better and last longer.

Pressure Cleaning Commercial Siding Goes Fast

Your contractor takes time to do a good job getting your building clean, but even so, pressure washing goes pretty fast, especially compared to painting. The length of time it takes depends on the size of your building. The commercial pressure cleaning service might get the work done in a single morning so your customers aren't bothered for too long.

Pressure washing can be noisy, so you may want to schedule the work to be done during your slow hours. The pressure cleaning service may even be able to work around your business hours and days of operation as long as they have daylight conditions to work in.