How to Redesign Your Commercial Roof to Stop Ponds from Forming

How to Redesign Your Commercial Roof to Stop Ponds from Forming

31 August 2022
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Commercial roofing design methods can be used to create interesting types of roofs. However, if the roofs are not designed properly, they might have drainage problems. This can lead to ponding issues on the roof as well. Fortunately, a commercial roofing contractor will be able to redesign your roof so that it drains properly.

Don't Let Your Roof Be Destroyed

Commercial roofs have a protective coating that is meant to protect your building from leaks. However, when ponds form on the roof, the water will gradually wear away the protective coating and the roof will start to leak. The water also attracts mold and this can eat away at the roof.

Prevent Pests

In addition to the damage done to the roof, standing water can attract pests. Ponds become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and it can be very difficult to keep pests under control unless you have your roof redesigned so that it is able to drain properly.

Make Sure Your Roof Slopes Properly

One of the most important factors with a commercial roof is whether it is sloping correctly. A roof should slope so that water is able to reach a drain effectively. If the slope is not constructed properly, the water will pool and eventually cause damage to the roof.

Don't Let Your Drains Become Clogged

Another issue that can lead to roof ponding is when the drain that is meant to allow water to escape the roof becomes clogged. Then, water might make its way to the drain but will accumulate and form a pond. The more complex a roof, the more drains it will likely need. Therefore, you might need to have your roofing system redesigned to take into account drainage issues and the needs of your roof.

Think Outside the Box

In some cases, the drains simply do not work and you're better off capping them. After you have capped the drains, your building might need a large gutter system that will be able to effectively transfer water away from the building as an alternative to your drains.

Hire a Professional Commercial Roofing Contractor

Fortunately, whatever drainage issues are causing ponding on your roof can be corrected with the help of a professional commercial roofing contractor. They will remove the water that is on the roof, will repair damages and will come up with a method by which you can remove water from the roof efficiently and keep it dry.

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