4 Common Types Of Roof Storm Damage

4 Common Types Of Roof Storm Damage

31 May 2022
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Storms are nightmares for homeowners. While your roof is designed to withstand small to moderate storms, it may not be able to withstand huge storms. Knowing the type of damage to expect after a storm helps you seek roof storm damage repairs on time. Below are four types of storm damage you should be aware of and how a roofer can help you repair them.

Wind Damage

Heavy winds often accompany storms. When these winds blow against your roof, they can damage or misplace the shingles, leaving empty spaces for leaks to occur. Besides, these winds can send all sorts of debris flying to your roof. This can result in holes, cracks, and other serious issues with your roof. 

Water Damage

Without a proper drainage system, heavy downpours from a storm can result in standing water on your roof. The standing water can cause cracks and holes in tiles or shingles, torn underlayments, mildew growth, and roof decay, among other problems!

The standing water could combine with other debris to cause clogged gutters. The weight of the clog can damage your rain gutters, while some water may even overflow to damage your walls and floors. Keep in mind that water damage may occur before the warning signs show up. Hence, seek roof inspection services after a storm, even if there is no visible damage. 

Hail Damage

Hailstones are one of the leading reasons most homeowners seek roof storm damage repairs. With some hailstones growing as large as the size of golf balls, they can cause damage to any roofing system, irrespective of its age, type, or material. 

Sometimes, hail damage isn't visible after a storm. You may need to climb on top of the roof to notice dark spots on shingles, dents in your metal roof, damage on roof vents, or cracks in the shingles. It's probably safer to have a professional roofer take a look. 

Tree Damage

The impact of heavy winds, rains, and hailstones can cause massive tree damage to your property. If your home is near the trees, leaves, branches, and limbs may fall on your roof and cause cracks, punctures, and leaks. The branches may also scratch your roof's surface to damage its protective layer. These types of damage will necessitate the need for urgent roof repairs. 

Additionally, a storm may destroy the homes of pests and insects that had built their nests on the tree. You may think this isn't a big issue. But what if the pests decide to build their new nests inside your roof? Imagine the type of roof damage that pests such as squirrels can cause. Protect your home by seeking professional roofing inspections and repairs on time.  

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