How To Avoid Common Flat Roof Problems

How To Avoid Common Flat Roof Problems

9 May 2022
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Flat roofs perform excellently in terms of energy efficiency. Besides that, they are appealing due to their concealed nature. This roof also offers you a secondary outdoor space to install your air conditioning unit and solar panels. However, flat roofs also have their fair share of problems. So, if you want to get the most out of your flat roof, you need to address any emerging problems early. 

However, you need to involve a roofing professional to handle periodic maintenance and repairs. This article looks at common issues that affect flat roofs and how a professional roofer can help you mitigate them. 

Constant Clogging of the Gutters

Your gutter system is vulnerable to blockages, especially during autumn when trees shed excess leaves. Clogged gutters hinder the flow of rainwater, causing the water to stagnate on the rooftop. Therefore, it is advisable to schedule regular gutter cleaning with a professional roofer. Gutter cleaning is particularly necessary after a strong wind storm and at the end of autumn. 

Easy Accumulation of Dust and Debris

Putting off roof maintenance for too long jeopardizes your entire home by raising the chances of leaks and mold growth. If your roof is full of leaves, twigs, and other debris, you cannot tell what is underneath it and won't catch developing issues in time. Again, it is fundamental to clear any debris accumulation on your flat roof to avoid roofing problems. 

Leaks on Porous Roofing Materials

If you want your flat roof to be less vulnerable to leaks, you have to go the extra mile by investing in a waterproof coating. The coating is essential for a roof made of tile, clay, or concrete. These materials tend to be porous, which is why you need to apply a waterproof membrane on their surfaces. But, hire a roofing contractor to handle this task to avoid mistakes that might ruin the final results.

Water Damage Due to Stagnating Pools

A flat roof can last for more than a decade. However, this does not always happen due to some unforeseen challenges. The main culprit is the continuous exposure to moisture from standing water. You should contact your roofer when you notice water pooling on the roof. They will find the underlying problem and fix it to avert a recurrence in the future. 

As seen above, a flat roof can suffer a great deal when not taken care of. As a property owner, you must pay attention to your roofing needs by hiring a roofing expert to handle any emerging issues. 

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