Getting Your Roof Replaced? 4 Ways To Prepare Your Space

Getting Your Roof Replaced? 4 Ways To Prepare Your Space

27 September 2021
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If you are getting your roof replaced, you are going to want to prepare your space to make the process of installing your new roof easier on your roofing contractors. You can take steps to protect your belongings and provide those working on your property with a safe work zone.

Protect Items in Your Attic

If you have an attic that you use as a storage space, you will want to protect the items in your attic. You are going to want to place old sheets or drop cloths over everything in your attic. This will help protect whatever you have stored in your attic and will make cleaning up easy.

Although the roofing contractor shouldn't go directly into your attic, they will be walking and hammering on your roof, which can cause debris and dust to fall down on your stuff.

Cut Your Grass

The day before the contractors arrive to install your new roof, mow your yard. Having a short yard will make it easier for the contractors to find anything that they may drop while working on your roof.

Most roofing contractors will put down vinyl tarps to protect your plants and grass. Keeping the grass short and your landscaping clean will make it easier for the contractor to clean things up and sweep for nails when they are done installing your roof.

Turn Off Your Sprinklers

If you have an automatic sprinkler system, you are going to want to turn your sprinklers off. You don't want to water the grass the morning the contractors come over; they will be walking around outside your home, and you don't want them to slip. Additionally, you don't want your sprinklers to turn on when they are working outside, so be sure to turn them off.

Take Care of Satellites

If you have any satellites or antennas on your roof, be sure to let your roofing contractor know. Generally, they will take down any satellite or antennas you have. However, you generally have to have your cable or satellite reinstalled afterward. If possible, avoid reinstalling your satellites and antennas on your roof, and see if a pole can be installed near your home to protect your new roof.

If you have roof installers coming to your home, cover up the items in your attic, cut your grass, turn off your sprinklers, and arrange for the care of any satellites or antennas on your roof. Talk to a local residential roofing replacement contractor to see what else you can do to prepare your home so that the work area is safe for the roofing contractors.