Roof Leaks Wreak Havoc Beyond The Rooftop

Roof Leaks Wreak Havoc Beyond The Rooftop

9 August 2021
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Are you a homeowner? If so, you may not think about your roof that often. It is important to get routine roof inspections and inspections after severe weather in your area. These inspections are your best defense against leaks. Some roof leaks are not obvious. The hidden leaks may stay contained in the attic until the building materials there can no longer contain them. This is when homeowners may start to see stains on their ceilings and upper walls. Leaks at this advanced stage will eventually leak into the home. This might be evidenced by water puddles on the floor. Leaks should always be treated as emergencies. The following points identify a few things that can happen in homes that have roof leaks.

Electrical Dangers

Homes have electrical wires running throughout them. The complex network of wires supplies power to various areas of homes. Electrical wiring is installed hidden behind walls and in ceilings for safety reasons. Attics are the first interior areas that get exposed to roof leaks. Exposed wet wiring can result in electrocution, which can cause death. There is an increased risk for electrical fires occurring, too, when wires are exposed to wet conditions. 

Mold Growth

Attics can hide a number of unsafe conditions. This is why homeowners should aim to routinely go into their attics even if there is not anything stored in the area. Mold thrives in wet dark conditions making attics the perfect habitat for it to thrive. The toxic fungi can spread rapidly beyond an attic space and is difficult to eradicate. 

Structural Damage

Roof leaks can weaken wooden portions of a home. This can lead to wood rot, which can compromise the integrity of the building structure. The ceilings of homes are held together by ceiling studs and joists. These components of a home's structure weaken and lose their capacity to keep the home in place if they get exposed to prolonged wetness. This is the reason that some roofs with extensive damage cave in. 

Property Loss

Most homeowners have a few items in their homes that would cost a lot to replace. Electronics are likely at the top of the list. They can get damaged beyond repair if they are exposed to water. There is also a risk of damage to sentimental items stored in attics when roof leaks exist. 

A roofer is a good resource to use when you notice or suspect a roof leak. They can determine the extent of the damage and an appropriate fix. Their inspection will likely encompass inspecting the integrity of the whole roof. This can help them determine if your roof is at the end of its lifespan. If so, they will make the repairs but might suggest that you start planning a roof replacement project. 

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