5 Things To Know About Spanish Tile Roofing

5 Things To Know About Spanish Tile Roofing

24 June 2021
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Are you considering Spanish tile roofing material for your home, but you are looking for more information about them? Here are some things that you should know about Spanish tiles before your roof installation.


A primary reason that someone would want to install Spanish tile roofing material on their home is because of the longevity. It is likely that you won't need to replace your Spanish tile roof since a properly maintained Spanish tile roof can last as long as 150 years. These clay tiles can give you peace of mind that the roof is going to stay in good condition, and you'll never need to worry about replacing it again as long as you're living in the home. 


While Spanish tile roofing does last a long time, you do pay for that longevity in the cost of the materials. Roof tiles made out of clay are going to be a very costly material, costing as much as $15 per square foot of roofing material. You can save some money by using a concrete tile, but they are still pretty high in cost.


One problem that you will have with a Spanish tile roof is that you cannot walk on the surface. This can cause the tiles to crack under a person's weight, which is why it is not recommended. If you do not need to climb onto the roof to perform maintenance, such as accessing a chimney that's in the middle of the roof, then Spanish tiles can be a great choice that works for your home.


There are not a ton of color options when using Spanish tiles, since the clay roofing tiles typically come in a few basic colors. Expect a variety of colors that have red, brown, and yellow tints to them. However, one important thing to consider when selecting a color is how it looks in direct sunlight since that is how it is going to appear most of the time. 


The only thing that you really need to do to maintain Spanish tile roofing is to keep it clean. If you notice algae or mold growing on the surface, you'll want to clean it off soon to prevent the growth from getting out of control and staining the material. Since clay is a natural material that can crack, you can also have growth occur in these cracks and cause a tile to break as a result.