Top 3 Clever Ways You Can Save Money On Your Roof Replacement Project

Top 3 Clever Ways You Can Save Money On Your Roof Replacement Project

27 May 2021
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As a homeowner, you should always treat your roof as an investment. There's no doubt that materials don't come cheap, and this is certainly the case when it comes to roofing materials. But, when your roof needs to be replaced, you can't wait until you have extensive damage. Otherwise, your roofing concern may get worse, putting you in a tight financial position. But this doesn't have to be the case if you understand how to make significant savings on your roof replacement project. This guide highlights a few crucial tips that are worth keeping in mind.

1. The timing of your roofing is a valuable consideration

When it comes to saving on your roof replacement, your timing will have a significant impact on your re-roofing costs. First, your roof replacement should be done at least a year or two before it reaches its end of life. If you wait until you see visible signs of damage to your roof, you may end up with costly repairs. This is primarily the case if there's structural damage under the surface.

You may also want to consider working on your roof replacement project during the off-peak season. Remember that early autumn and late summer are the busiest times for roofers. During this time, you should expect elevated roofing replacement costs. But, when you schedule for roof replacement during winter or spring, you can capitalize on off-season rates.

2. Compare bids from different roofing contractors

When planning to re-roof your home, ensure that you get roof replacement estimates from different licensed contractors in writing. If you fail to do this and try to save money by hiring a handyman, any future damage to your house won't be covered by an insurance company. 

Additionally, it's important not to always settle for the lowest bids but rather to do more research to establish whether such bids are worth accepting. In most cases, lower bids are a reflection of poor quality work. Finally, don't forget to read online reviews.

3. Make great use of your homeowners insurance policy

Your homeowner's insurance policy can cover damages to your roof. While this is the case, the resulting damage shouldn't be due to neglect. If an insurance company establishes that the damage to your roof is weather-related, you can file a claim and get compensated for the damage.

Your whole roof replacement project doesn't have to be a costly affair. Make use of the above tips to ensure you bring down your overall roofing costs.