Roofing Contractor: Why Slate Is An Incredible Roofing Material For You

Roofing Contractor: Why Slate Is An Incredible Roofing Material For You

7 May 2021
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The roof is the most crucial component of your entire home. It adds to the structural beauty of your home and protects everything inside the house from harsh external conditions. So when installing one, you need to consider the roofing material you are going to use. Slate is one of the popular traditional roofing materials you can choose for your roofing project.

The beauty of slate is that it's among the excellent roofing materials you can find in the market. When you get a skilled roofing contractor to install it, it helps add a natural and rustic appearance to your home. Here are three reasons why a slate roof is a great residential roofing alternative for most homeowners today.

The Roof Is Unique

Two of the main things that homeowners look for when choosing roofing materials are beauty and uniqueness. Everyone wants their roof to add to the overall curb appeal of their home. Slate is one of the most exceptional materials that you can use on your roof because it comes in natural, earthy tones. It has a subtle and classy beauty that cannot be compared to other roofing materials. The most common colors are grey, green, black, and purple. You can also blend more than one color when you want excellent results. 

The Roof Is Durable

The second quality that makes slate one of the best roofing materials is its lifespan. Slate comes from stones that have been compacted for millions of years. They are resistant to almost every condition that you can think of. They can withstand strong sunshine, wind, rainfall, and even fire. When you install slate roofing on your house, you can expect up to a hundred years of service from it.  Actually, when properly processed and sealed, slate becomes an indestructible borderline.

The Roof Stays Vibrant

One of the reasons why people find themselves replacing their roof earlier than they should is the rate at which the roofing materials fade or get discolored. Most materials with a coat of paint will always fade when exposed to elements such as the UV rays of the sun. However, slate does not deteriorate when exposed to harsh elements, which means your roof will stay firm and unique for a very long time.

The Roof Is Eco-Friendly

Another consideration you should make is the effect the roof is creating on the environment. Slate does not create as much carbon emission as some other roofing materials. Also, it is energy-efficient, which reduces your carbon footprint. So when you roof your home using slate, the environment benefits in various ways.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider slate as your roofing material of choice. When you source it from reliable suppliers and leave the installation to an experienced roofing contractor, it will serve you for many decades.