How To Deal With Tornado Damage To Your Commercial Roof

How To Deal With Tornado Damage To Your Commercial Roof

8 June 2023
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Commercial roofs can be especially vulnerable to tornadoes because of the size of this type of roof. Tornadoes can cause severe damage to your commercial roof and other parts of your building and property. For example, your roofing system might be partially or entirely removed. It might lift and damage membrane seals. Flying objects might puncture the roof. The tornado might also cause water intrusion and mold growth.

What Determines the Extent of the Damage?

The destruction depends on the intensity of the tornado, the location of your building, the quality of your roof construction, and the presence of any protective features. If damaged by a tornado, you should take several steps to have it repaired as soon as possible. First, contact your insurance company. Document the damage with photos and keep receipts related to the repair.

How Will a Roof Be Inspected?

Hire a roofing contractor who has experience with storm damage restoration. A commercial roofing contractor will know how to start patching or replacing your roof.

Have the contractor inspect the roof to identify the areas that need to be repaired or replaced. Depending on the damage, your roof may need to be wholly replaced. Also, you should patch up the existing one. 

How Does a Roofing Contractor Get Started?

Before proceeding, the commercial roofing contractor will cover exposed or vulnerable parts with tarps or other waterproof materials. This is important to prevent further water infiltration, which could cause further damage.

The commercial roofing contractor must first remove debris and clear any drainage systems. They should remove debris, such as broken glass, branches, and leaves from flat roofs, roof drains, and gutters, so water can flow freely from the building during rainstorms. 

How Should Damaged Areas Be Repaired?

Depending upon the severity and type of damage, the process will vary. Replacing missing shingles, tiles, and membrane sheets, sealing leaks, patching holes, and using suitable materials like sealants and polyester fabric for larger tears and damage will help restore your roof.

How Should a Roof Structure Be Reinforced?

If structural reinforcements are required due to severe damages, hire experienced contractors for professional help instead of trying to fix the problem yourself. After completing the repairs, the contractor will conduct final inspections, ensuring everything was correctly done and testing repaired areas.

Follow up with the contractor and the insurance company until the repair is completed. Review the final work. Tornadoes can wreak havoc on your commercial roof. Still, an experienced roofing contractor can restore it so you can reopen your business.

Read more about tornado damage solutions for your business by visiting a local service's website.