Common Causes Of A Leaking Roof

Common Causes Of A Leaking Roof

17 May 2023
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A roof is designed to keep water out of your home. So, when water is leaking from the roof — you know there is a problem. Fortunately, repairing a roof leak does not always involve extensive repairs, but before any work can begin, you must first establish the source of the problem. To go about this step, you must have an inspection performed by a roofing professional. Learn about some of the common causes of a roof leak so that you know where to begin.

Damaged Shingles 

Unfortunately, shingles have a lifespan. With time and exposure to the elements, shingles can start to break down and crack or even lift. When either of these scenarios occurs, the shingle will no longer form a waterproof barrier. As a result, moisture can seep under the shingle and eventually into your home. If you have extensive shingle damage or your roof is old, a complete roof replacement might be necessary.

Cracked Flashing

Flashing is a waterproof seal that is installed around fixtures on a roof, such as a vent pipe or chimney. Similar to shingles, with time, the flashing can thin and begin to wear, which can cause the flashing to crack or lift. In either case, water will be able to penetrate under the flashing and leak. Flashing might be to blame if you notice the leaking is focused around your vents or chimney.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters help ensure water is able to flow away from your home instead of straight down toward the foundation. However, when gutters are clogged, water will pool on top of the roof. Pooling water has nowhere to go, so it can quickly start to seep into the underside of the roof. Keeping the gutters clean is the best way to avoid this issue. 

Lack of Maintenance

It is essential that you keep up with maintenance for your roof. Ideally, you should inspect the condition of your roof at least a few times a year, and you should have a professional inspect your roof every so many years. These inspections are necessary because they will reveal an issue with your roof before it intensifies and results in a leak. If you neglect maintenance, this mishap could be the source of the leak.

The above are just some scenarios that can lead to a roof leak. For a proper diagnosis and repairs, be sure to have a roofing professional inspect your roof. 

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