Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repairs

Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repairs

14 October 2022
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Commercial building owners rarely inspect their roofs for problems. That's a mistake, as some roofing problems might go unnoticed. Paying close attention to your roof means you'll know when to call commercial roofing services. Some indicators that you need commercial roofing repairs are as follows.

Changes in Utility Bills

Commercial building owners have to pay a lot of money to settle their utility bills. Unfortunately, utility bills can increase significantly due to damaged roofing. The heating and cooling costs will be affected because the roof can't help maintain indoor temperatures.

The heat from the scorching sun will penetrate through the damaged roof, meaning you'll have to run your AC units longer. On the other hand, the building might lose heat pretty fast during winter, and you'll result in running the furnace throughout the day. Unless you get the roof repaired, your utility bills will continue to soar during the winter and summer.

Standing Water

Flat roofs are vulnerable to water pooling. But that doesn't mean you should ignore the issue. In any case, flat roofs shouldn't have standing water unless there is a drainage issue or the roof is sunken. So, call a commercial roofing service immediately if you spot water pooling during rainy seasons. 

Puncture Holes

Puncture holes are another worrying sign that your commercial roof needs repairs. These puncture holes will pave the way for water intrusion. Besides, pests can easily access your building via these holes. So, you should invite your roofing contractor to seal the holes and conduct the necessary repairs before the holes expand or become problematic.

Aging Roof

Commercial roofs aren't exempt from aging. They also deteriorate after becoming too old. Surprisingly, your aging roof might be the reason your utility bills keep soaring. Unfortunately, you might need a new roof if your aging roof is beyond repair. Ask your commercial roofing contractor whether they can squeeze some extra life from the roof or if you should replace it.

Damaged Flashings

Flashing is an integral part of commercial roofs. You'll find metal flashing on the edges where the roof connects to the building. Metal strips are also used on most joints on the roof. So, if the flashing fails, rainwater will penetrate the roof via the joints and seams. So, if you ever spot damaged or poorly attached flashing, inform your roofing contractor to do the necessary repairs. This way, your roof won't be left vulnerable to leaks. 

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