A Few Shingle Repair Services That Keep Your Asphalt Shingle Roof In Good Condition

A Few Shingle Repair Services That Keep Your Asphalt Shingle Roof In Good Condition

20 June 2022
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If your roof is still in pretty good shape overall, but it has damage from birds, animals, tree branches, or storms, a shingle repair service can repair your shingles to protect the roof of your deck so you get many more years of life from your roofing.

In some cases, shingles might need to be replaced, but it's also possible the roofer can make quick repairs and keep the old shingles. Here are some shingle repair services the roofer might provide.

Flatten Curled Edges

The edges of shingles can sometimes curl up. This might happen to a few shingles or several. If most of your shingles are affected, you may want the roofer to check the ventilation in your attic to make sure your roof isn't getting too hot.

If only a few shingles are curled, the repair contractor may flatten the shingles and put roofing sealant under the edges so they stay flat. They might need to put a board or brick over the shingles to hold them against the sealant for several hours to make sure the edges of the shingles bond to your roof.

Secure Loose Shingles

Wind can sometimes lift a shingle and pull it loose. When that happens, the repair contractor can reposition the shingle and nail it back in place. They may also want to put sealant under the bottom to make sure the shingle is secure. It's important to fix loose or flapping shingles because they are more vulnerable in strong winds, and the loose shingle might get completely ripped off in the next storm.

Patch A Roof Blister

A blister in an asphalt shingle can often be patched unless your roofer thinks it's best to replace the shingle. Patching involves cutting the blister to let the air out so the shingle can be flattened. Then patch material is put over the area to seal it and to make the shingle waterproof. A cut section of a new asphalt shingle might even be placed over the blistered area so the repaired area blends in better.

Drive In Nail Pops

Nails can sometimes back out of asphalt shingles. This problem should be repaired because it can damage your roof and shorten its life if the problem is widespread. A roofer can drive the nail pop back into the deck and then cover the nail with a roofing cement to hold it in place. They can drive the same nail in or use a new nail, but they need to make sure the old nail hole is covered with roofing cement, too.

Replace Missing Granules

If a few shingles have all the granules scraped off due to swaying tree branches, the roofer can gather granules from your gutters or put new granules on the shingles and adhere them with roofing cement. It's a good idea to replace the granules so the sun doesn't cause the shingle to deteriorate. If no granules are available, the roofer may need to replace the shingles.

Reach out to a local shingle repair service, such as Goodwin Roofing, to learn more.