How Routine Metal Roof Maintenance Looks Like

How Routine Metal Roof Maintenance Looks Like

3 June 2022
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Metal roofs are known to be extremely strong, durable, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient. Even so, they do gradually wear down due to exposure to harsh weather, and the damage worsens when you fail to pay attention.

Luckily, these roofing systems need minimal upkeep to maintain top condition, especially with proper installation. Maintenances also help retain the charm and ensure longevity. Below are some of the steps roofers take during routine upkeep to allow you to get more out of your investment.

Paying Attention to Gutters and Downspouts

Your metal roof has gutters and downspouts, which help manage and channel rainwater away from your home.  Seeing the essential work they do, you should clear out gutter blockages to prevent overflow and structure damage. Blockages also lead to stagnant water, which attracts rot, and mold growth and can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

You want to hire a repair company to inspect and clean debris and dead leaves. They also need to check if there is any damage and perform replacements where necessary.

Keep an Eye on the Surface

Your roof's metal surface requires your roofer to climb up, inspect the exterior, and wash to remove dirt, soil build-up, and stains. They also need to check loose fasteners and seams for damages to prevent moisture and water from getting into your roof. They will reapply sealant on areas where it was used and treat or repaint your surface in case of corrosion, rust, chipping, or fading. 

When walking on your surface, a professional roofer will put on proper footwear to avoid damage or falls since your roof can be steep and slippery when wet. They will then blow leaves and use plain water to spray water on dirt using a hose pipe or power washer. The climate in your area determines the frequency at which your roof needs surface maintenance. Avoid cleaning your roof if you are not an expert roofer because you could damage your roof and harm yourself.

Tree trimming

Your roofer will advise you to trim overhanging branches or twigs to avoid dead leaves on the surface, gutters, or downspouts. Hanging branches can damage your paint during strong winds or fall on your surface, causing contact damage.

Metal roof upkeep is an in-depth task that requires an experienced professional to ensure long-lasting performance. If you have further questions about how to care for your metal structure, do not hesitate to talk to your roofer for a customized maintenance plan.