Roofing Services: Low-Pitch Roofing Challenges You May Experience

Roofing Services: Low-Pitch Roofing Challenges You May Experience

20 April 2022
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If you are looking for an alternative to a flat roof, you can opt for a low-pitched roof. Like flat roofs, low-pitched roofs provide useful space to install your solar panels and HVAC system. Also, this roof ensures that you don't mess up views of other parts of the property. Generally, low-pitched roofs are less prone to leaks, and their installation cost is considerably lower compared to other roofing systems. But as you plan to install a low-pitched roof, it is important to learn about issues you might experience. This article shares a few of these issues.

Debris and Dust Accumulation

The number one issue you might experience with your low-pitched roof is debris buildup. It could damage your roofing structure if not dealt with in time. Because of that, you need to hire a roofing company for regular roof cleaning. The roofers also look into the gutters and pipes for blockage when clearing the roof debris and dust buildup.

Tiles Loosen and Pull Off

Like any other roof, the tiles on a low-pitched roof can also become loose over time and eventually pull off if you do not take immediate action. This happens due to the continuous exposure to weather elements. While you have no control over weather elements, you can ensure that the installations are done by a qualified roofing contractor. When the tiles loosen up or go missing, replace them right away. A temporary alternative to loose tiles is applying tarpaulin.

Punctures That Cause Water to Leak Inside

Although low-pitched roofs drain water better than flat roofs, they are not entirely free from water pooling. And the longer the water stands on the roof, the more it damages the roofing material. Eventually, the membrane wears out, and the surface begins to split and crack, leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks. You need a roofer to check your roof for any signs of leaks from time to time. Fixing a leaky roof safeguards the internal roofing structure from water damage.

These low-pitched roofing issues are standard for all types of roofs. Therefore, you shouldn't regret installing your low-pitched roof. All in all, ensure that your roofing expert goes up on your rooftop from time to time to ensure that everything is okay. If they detect a problem, they will fix it right away to avoid further damage.

For more information on roof maintenance, contact a roofing service near you.