Roof Hail Damage Services You May Need Include Repairing Flashing, Roofing, And Gutters

Roof Hail Damage Services You May Need Include Repairing Flashing, Roofing, And Gutters

13 January 2022
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Hail can be surprisingly hard on roofing materials. An asphalt shingle roof can be destroyed by large hail. Clay tile and metal roofs can sustain a lot of damage too. If you see damage after a hailstorm, or even if you suspect it, let a roofer take a look. Timely roof hail damage services are important, or else the damaged areas could begin to leak. Here are common types of damage caused by hail.

Dents, Bruises, And Cracks On Shingles

When hail impacts your roof, the force of the strikes can crack shingles and tiles. Metal roofing can be covered with dents, and asphalt shingles can be bruised. Cracks might be an immediate danger of leaking, but bruises and dents may not start leaking for a long time. Dents can eventually lead to rust development that eats away at the metal. Dents make shingles weak and more susceptible to leaking.

When a roof hail damage inspector checks your roof for damage after a storm, they look for immediate threats as well as damage that might not leak right away. One important reason they do this is that if you wait until your roof starts leaking months later, it may be too late to file an insurance claim. So even if your roof isn't leaking, you may need to replace it if your insurance company has a time limit for filing a claim.

Damage To Flashing And Boots

The flashing and boots on your roof can be damaged by hail as well. Hail can dent flashing, and when flashing is made of metal, this can lead to rusting and leaking. The rubber boots might be pummeled by hail and damaged too. If the boots are old and have been exposed to the sun for a number of years, they might already be fragile and easily damaged.

Denting And Misalignment Of Gutters

The gutters are considered part of your roofing system, so they should always be working properly. Strong hail can dent gutters and even move them so they no longer slope and drain properly. A contractor that offers roof hail damage services might also repair gutters, but if not, you'll want a gutter contractor to repair your gutters as soon as possible. If the gutters don't drain properly, water might get under your roof or soak the fascia boards and lead to even more problems with your roof.

When you experience a bad hailstorm, it's likely you'll see heavy rain and strong wind too. Even if your roof survives the hail, damage could come from wind or blowing debris. Any time you're not sure of the condition of your roof after a storm, call a roofer and have them climb up on the roof and do a close visual inspection to look for damage.

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