Top 4 Tell-Tale Signs That It's Time To Seek Professional Residential Roofing Services

Top 4 Tell-Tale Signs That It's Time To Seek Professional Residential Roofing Services

7 January 2022
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Owning a home can be fulfilling. While this is the case, you should work to protect your investment for you and your family. Among the crucial aspects of responsible home ownership is proper roof maintenance. Remember that you need to contact a reputable residential roofing expert whenever you notice any issue with your roof. Ignoring the warning signs of a failing roof can lead to major roof problems that may necessitate roof replacement. This guide shares some of the common indicators that it's time to seek the help of a residential roofer.

Your Roof Has Extensive External Damage

A common sign of external damage to your roof is the shedding of roof granules. All roofs will shed granules after years of use. However, if you notice excessive granules in your gutter, it's an indicator that your roof is approaching its end of life. Ensure that you seek the help of an experienced residential roofing contractor to inspect your roof and advise on the need for replacement. Other external roof damages that may need the intervention of a professional roofer include a sagging roof and missing shingles.

Your Roof Is Approaching Its End of Useful Life

Scheduling regular roof inspection and maintenance can prolong the life span of your roof. Even with such measures, your roof will ultimately wear out to a point where repairs aren't viable. When your roof is nearing the end of its useful life, it's advisable to contact a knowledgeable residential roofing expert to conduct an inspection and advise whether you should replace it. During the assessment, these professionals look for the accumulation of moss that can retain water and cause roof rot. They'll even check for rotted shingles or those with holes.

There Is Unusual Debris on Your Roof After a Storm

A severe snowstorm or other inclement weather event can significantly compromise your roof. Extreme weather events can dislodge your shingles or gutter and even cause tree branches to fall on your roof. So, if you notice any unusual debris accumulation or damage to your roof, ensure that you seek professional residential roofing services. It's easier to fix a small problem than wait until it becomes a major problem later on.

There Are Signs of Water Damage in Your Attic 

If you have an attic in your home, find time and go up, then examine your rafters. In case of water damage, you'll see water stains in your attic and rafters as well. You could have significant damage to your roof when you visit your attic on a sunny day and notice light streaming through your roof boards. Water damage in your attic can cause huge damage to your home's interior, which is why you should seek the immediate intervention of an experienced residential roofing professional. 

Your roof requires regular maintenance if it's to serve you for a long time. So, when you notice any of the signs mentioned above, be sure to seek professional residential roofing services. Otherwise, minor roof damage can cause major problems down the road.