Why You Should Consider Metal Roof Installation

Why You Should Consider Metal Roof Installation

4 January 2022
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When you want to install a new roof on your new house or replace the existing one, you might not always know what materials to use. Choosing a roofing material can be overwhelming due to the many options available in the market, from rubber slate to concrete tile, asphalt shingles, and metal roofing.

Nevertheless, many people prefer metal roofs like zinc, copper, and aluminum roofs for many reasons, including cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness. Metal roofs are also easy to install and are fire-resistant.

This article highlights three reasons to consider metal roofing installation.


A metal roof can serve you for up to 70 years without the need for a replacement. This roof is resistant to strong winds and nearly impenetrable to leaks and pest invasion due to the roof's interlocking design.

Also, the slippery nature of its constituent materials makes many metal roofs suitable for places that experience a lot of snow. Snow melts quickly and can trigger excessive moisture build-up, which may damage your roof. Because of its moisture-resistant nature, a metal roof also prevents the accumulation of dirt or organic contaminants that may encourage mold growth.

For your peace of mind, metal roof contractors and manufacturers offer a warranty after installation. This warranty protects you from defects in the metal material that cause premature breakdowns.

Energy Efficiency

A metal roof can help you cut the energy costs when cooling your home. First, metals are highly reflective. This property allows your metal roof to reflect the sun's rays to the sky. As a result, the amount of heat penetrating your attic is reduced, eliminating the need for an air conditioner to lower indoor temperatures.

Second, metals are less emissive. Emissivity refers to how fast something cools after being exposed to heat. A metal roof absorbs radiant heat faster and emits the heat slowly. This way, your home can easily retain heat. This property is essential during cold weather since you won't need to turn on your furnace to heat your home. 

Enhances Aesthetics

Metal roofs come in almost infinite styles, including steel, tin, and metal tile roofs, which can make your home attractive. You can also paint your metal roof in virtually any color you want. If the paint starts to come off, you can always repaint your roof. 

Copper is a prevalent type when choosing metal for roofing due to the material's aesthetic qualities. Over time, it acquires a beautiful green patina, enhancing your roof's aesthetic appeal. Although copper is quite expensive, this material is worth your investment since it doesn't require you to paint over it. This way, you save money that would have otherwise gone into painting it.

An initial roof installation project is a significant home investment. Therefore, you need to consider a roofing material that will serve you a long time with low maintenance costs. A professional metal roofer can advise on the best roof to fit your needs and complement your home's overall appearance.

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