The Effects of Improper Roof Ventilation

The Effects of Improper Roof Ventilation

15 December 2021
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Many homeowners focus on fixing leaks on their roofs, poor flashing, improperly set up gutters, and forget about ventilation. However, roof ventilation is as important as these other roof repairs. Here are some effects of improper roof ventilation.

Thermal Shock

One problem arising from an improperly ventilated roof is thermal shock. When the roof shingles are displayed to the sun, they become hot. Proper ventilation helps improve air circulation and get rid of some heat. However, if the roof is poorly ventilated, the shingles absorb the sun's heat. As a result, they begin to expand. When the sun goes down and the temperatures drop the shingles contract.

The sudden expansion and contraction cause the shingles to crack and deteriorate faster than they are supposed to. To fix this problem, install extra vents on your roof to prevent the damage resulting from thermal shock.

Ice Dams

When your roof doesn't breathe properly, water melts unevenly. Poor ventilation causes the heat from your home, cold temperatures, and snow to promote ice dams. This is because when the snow melts, water runs down your roof. When the water reaches the gutter, it freezes and causes an overflow, leading to an ice dam.

Ice dams can damage your home's insulation, ceiling, and walls. To prevent damage to the structure and foundation of your home, make sure you fix the roof ventilation.

Temperature Control

The main reason for ventilation is to insulate your home against the elements and maintain a favorable temperature around your home. It also helps minimize energy costs. Insulation prevents the outside air temperature from penetrating your home.

Poor ventilation causes a buildup of warm air in your attic. The air flows into your home, making it uncomfortably hot. The result is high energy bills because of an overworked HVAC system and an uncomfortable indoor atmosphere.


Vents prevent the accumulation of moisture. Rust is formed in moist areas. If your roof is poorly ventilated, rust forms on heating and venting devices, plumbing, and the fasteners in your attic. These components are supposed to be rust-free. To fix this situation, make sure you hire a roof repair service to ventilate your roof properly.

DIY roofing repairs will only delay the effects of a poorly ventilated roof. The best solution to roofing problems caused by improper ventilation is to hire a professional roofing service. Quality roof ventilation does not only prevent the problems mentioned above, but it also ensures the longevity of your roof.

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