Common Reasons to Seek Gutter Repairs

Common Reasons to Seek Gutter Repairs

4 November 2021
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For many homeowners, the gutters are one of the most underappreciated and overlooked features that your home has. Unfortunately, this often means that gutter problems are overlooked until they lead to broken, failed gutter systems that must be removed and replaced. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to understand about problems with your home's gutters and the repairs that they might need.

Leaking Gutters

When gutters are properly installed, water running from your roof is captured in those gutters and flows to the downspouts, away from your home. Unfortunately, gutters aren't impervious to damage that can cause them to leak. Whether it's a failed seal between two sections of the gutter, damage to the brackets or even a crack in the gutter itself, leaks in your gutters can be problematic.

Sometimes, what seems like leaking gutters is actually full gutters. If the gutter system is full of debris, water won't be able to flow away from the house, so it will simply overflow out of the gutters. In either case, a gutter repair technician can help you to address the problem and restore proper water flow.

Standing Water

If the gutters aren't installed with a proper pitch, or the gutter hardware starts to deteriorate and affects the slope of the gutters, you may find that water doesn't flow the way that it's supposed to. This can lead to standing water in sections of the gutters, and the weight of that standing water can ultimately cause mounting hardware damage and gutter failure.

Any time you notice that water isn't flowing the way that it should from your gutters, you'll need to talk with a gutter repair technician. Many standing water issues can be easily resolved with an adjustment to the slope or pitch of the gutter section that's affected.

Dropping, Sagging Gutter Sections

Your home's gutters should be secure where they were installed. The mounting brackets and hardware should help to keep the gutters sitting against your home and secure. However, sometimes you'll notice sections of your gutters drooping, sagging, or even pulling away from your home. 

This is usually the result of overlooking your gutter cleaning needs. When the gutters get full of debris, it weighs them down, especially when that debris gets saturated with rainwater. This excess weight can cause the mounting hardware to pull away from the fascia, which causes the gutters to sag.

You'll need to have the affected sections replaced by a gutter repair technician. He or she will attach the new sections to the gutter system so that it patches the problem and restores water flow.

Talk with a gutter repair contractor today if you're having problems with your home's gutters.