3 Signs That An Asphalt Roof Replacement Is Needed

3 Signs That An Asphalt Roof Replacement Is Needed

26 October 2021
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If you have a roof with asphalt shingles, you likely know that you will need to get a roof replacement at some point. Maintenance and inspections are examples of some roofing services that many homeowners skip in an effort to save money. Unaddressed roofing issues can lead to a need for premature roofing replacements. A roofing company can identify roof repairs that homeowners may not know exist. Issues such as moisture and improper ventilation in attic spaces can wreak havoc on roofing systems and compromise them to the extent of rotting materials. There are many dangers associated with having a roof installed that needs to be replaced. Use the following points as a guideline for determining if it might be time for a new roof installation

Curling or Buckling of Shingles

When shingle formation changes, it is a sign that a roofing system has been compromised by weathering. The most common culprits are heat exposure and moisture exposure from precipitation. If the damaged shingles do not cover a significant percentage of the roof. a roofing contractor might be able to implement an emergency repair to extend the lifespan of the roof. However, extensive damage warrants a need for a roof replacement. Roof leaks are a likely outcome if a roof replacement is not completed. Damaged shingles can put a home at risk for property damage, water damage, and mold contamination.

Aged Installment

If your roof is nearing or has reached the end of its estimated lifespan, you can request a new roof installment from a roofing contractor. They can discuss roofing materials and offer insight on advancements in roofing materials. Some homeowners choose to upgrade to new material options, such as metal roofing, to replace their aged asphalt shingle materials. Your new installation could also address ventilation and drainage issues. Gutters are a part of the roofing system and need to be intact and clog-free to ensure proper drainage. Seamless gutters are worth discussing with the roofing company when you plan your new roof installation.

Presence of Mold or Algae

Do not make the mistake of trying to powerwash your roof if you see signs of mold or algae. You could damage shingles and render your roof unable to provide protection for your home. One of the main concerns with DIY roof cleaning is the risk of damaging the protective shingle covering and causing granule loss. Roof cleaning needs to be performed by a professional. Severe mold contamination and widespread algae will likely result in a recommendation for a roof replacement. Both of these substances can weaken the structural integrity of shingles. They spread quickly and can extend beyond the exterior of a roof into attic spaces and then on to other areas of a home. 

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