Dealing With The Minor Annoyances Of Shingle Installation

Dealing With The Minor Annoyances Of Shingle Installation

19 October 2021
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When you have a shingle roof put on your home, you're sure to be glad it's the roofers — not you — doing the work. Roof installation is hard. The roofers spend all day stripping shingles, swinging hammers, and staying safe on the roof as they do so. But as nice as it is not to be up on that roof yourself, there may be some minor things that annoy you about having a shingle roof installed. Here are some suggestions for dealing with those annoyances.

All of the pounding

Once your roofers get to the point of installing the new shingles, there will be a lot of noise. This may bother children and pets. It may even make it hard for you to focus if you are trying to work from home. Unfortunately, there's really no way for your roofers to reduce the noise. So, your best bet is to plan for it. Have your children stay at the babysitter's house for the day. Call your vet, and get some calming herbs or medications for your pets. If you need to work, purchase some noise-canceling headphones you can wear for the day. Give the roofers your number so they can text you if they need anything. This way, you won't miss them calling into your home because you're wearing the headphones.

Shingle chunks and nails all over the place

Most roofers do their best to keep the mess contained when they're stripping the roof. They put a dumpster down and try to get all of the trash inside of it. However, there are often still some scraps and pieces of debris that get tossed around. You may worry about finding them in your garden beds afterward or about kids stepping on nails in the backyard.

You can minimize the mess by putting tarps over all your garden beds before the roofers start working. Then, once they are done putting the roof in place, you can walk around your yard with a large magnet on a pole. Any nails that have fallen from the roof will stick to the magnet so you no longer have to worry.

Roofers do great work, but that work does come with some minor annoyances. Luckily, there are ways you can plan for and minimize the impact that noise and messiness make. Talk to your roofing company to learn what has worked for other customers during a shingle roof installation.