Metal Roof Conversion: Transforming Your Home With Standing Seam Roofing

Metal Roof Conversion: Transforming Your Home With Standing Seam Roofing

24 August 2021
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The decision to convert conventional asphalt shingles to standing seam metal roofing may initially seem like a small one. Once you begin your project, it will become evident that there were several choices, design plans, and things to consider. Here's a guide that will make these choices and the planning of a metal roof conversion easier for you:

Remove Old Roofing Materials

There are some things to consider when removing your old roofing. When you get ready to replace an old asphalt shingle roof, the worn materials need to be removed before the new metal can be installed. This should be done from the top down to reduce hazards, and it is important to protect landscaping and outdoor spaces while the shingles are being removed. Also, as the shingles are being removed, the roof needs to be inspected for damage.

Repair and Prepare the Decking

After removing the shingles, the roofer will also evaluate the condition of the roof decking and the structure. The roofer will address any repairs that need to be done before installing any underlayments. One of the issues with metal roofing is that standing seam materials can be vulnerable to issues with uneven decking. Thus, you might also want to deal with these problems or install a thin layer of sheathing if the decking is old and has a lot of visible imperfections.

Install Moisture Barriers, Flashing, and Reinforcement

Moisture barriers are an important component of a standing seam metal roof. The moisture barriers and reinforced flashing are the most important components of a roof conversion project before the new metal can be installed on your home. A layer of self-sealing rubber membrane can be installed in areas where the roof is most vulnerable to leaks. This will prevent issues with punctures and leaks that develop in areas like valleys where roof slopes meet.

Completing the Conversion With New Standing Seam Roofing

The last step in the roof conversion is to install the standing seam roofing. These materials are installed by skilled craftsmen and will be cut and formed to fit your roof exactly. The advantage of standing seam metal roof conversions is that they don't have exposed seams. This increases their longevity and preventing leaks. It also gives you options for the type of finish and the design of the new roof, which can improve the appearance and value of your home.

Standing seam metal roof is the most durable roofing option available today. Contact a residential roofing contractor to discuss converting your old shingle roof to a standing seam metal roof design.