Protocols To Remember When Completing A Metal Roof Installation On A Commercial Roof

Protocols To Remember When Completing A Metal Roof Installation On A Commercial Roof

26 July 2021
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Giving your commercial building a metal roof is a solid investment that can make roof maintenance easier overall. You just need to make sure these protocols are considered throughout the metal roofing installation for a commercial building.

Drive Fasteners Far Enough Into the Metal 

In order for metal sheets to stay on your commercial building's roof, they have to be secured with fasteners. It matters which fasteners you choose in order to have a proper metal roof installation. It is also important how you secure these fasteners into the metal sections on your roof. 

You want to make sure all fasteners are driven the correct distance into metal materials going on your commercial building's roof. That will keep metal sections more secure but also help create a tighter seal that moisture won't be able to get through. Thus, your metal roof will be better protected from water damage.

Have Sheet Metal Expert Figure Out Proper Slope

To keep water from building up on your commercial building's metal roof, it needs to have the right slope. You want to figure out this part of the metal roof installation before any materials are installed. You'll feel better about this slope assessment when it's completed by a roofing company that specializes in sheet metal.

It takes years of experience to properly estimate the right slope based on how your commercial building is designed or being designed. They'll see to it that water isn't able to collect on any metal section and then cause damage.

Be Careful With Handling and Storing Metal Roofing Materials

Before your metal materials arrive from a roof material supplier, you should go over helpful handling and storage advice. The metal used on commercial roofs is durable, but it can suffer problems that may only get worse with time.

For instance, if you were to scratch part of the metal, it could be more exposed to the environment and then have a higher probability of rusting. You thus need to be careful with how metal sections are moved and ideally keep them in a protective location until they're secured to your building. 

There are ample motivations to go with metal when thinking about roofing material options for a commercial building. If you're fixated on using metal, be careful with the variety you go with and how it's set up either by you or a professional company. Then your new roof will end up lasting. 

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