Top 4 Signs You Need Roof Repair

Top 4 Signs You Need Roof Repair

20 July 2021
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No homeowner wants to hear their roof is damaged. Unfortunately, like all other things, roofs get damaged from time to time, prompting a call to a roofing repair expert. When repairs are done early, the damage can be addressed before it progresses into a deeper problem that requires roof replacement. But how do you know you need roofing repair services? Here are four telltale signs to guide you. 

Damaged or Missing Shingles

One of the most apparent signs of a damaged roof is damaged or missing shingles. Typically, these problems occur after high-impact natural occurrences like storms. However, they can also occur from improper installation or old age.

The good thing is that you can spot cracked or missing shingles just by looking on top of your roof. If only a few shingles have a problem, a roof repair expert can repair or patch them to get your roof back in top shape. 

Light in the Attic

Turn off the lights in your attic and see if any sunlight is peeking through. If light can penetrate your roof, so can water. And when water starts to drip into the attic, it can cause mold growth and severe property damage. 

Schedule a roofing repair service with an expert roofer as soon as you notice light beaming through the attic. The problem could be solved by a simple thing like replacing the shingles. Or maybe there is an advanced issue, like rotted plywood, in which case, the entire roof decking may need replacement.  

Sagging Roof Deck

While a roof can have different degrees of pitch, its lines should appear fairly straight. Therefore, if some areas are sagging or warped, there is a deeper problem. Typically, this happens when the boards are rotted due to trapped moisture.

Ignoring this problem can lead to broken rafters or trusses that create unnecessary pressure on the other sections of the roof. This would eventually result in a roof collapse. Luckily, if this issue is noticed early, a roof repair expert can replace the rotted boards to solve the problem fully. 

Green Spots

When rainwater sits on your roof for too long, it causes algae growth, especially in shaded areas. As the water accumulates without escaping or evaporating, the algae continue to grow, and you will see green spots all over your roof. 

With time, the algae cause rotting and weakening of the wooden roof structures. Professional roofers utilize different methods to prevent algae growth, including cleaning your roof, installing special roof coatings, gutter replacement, and re-roofing. 

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