2 Possible Reasons Why Your Home Roof's Shingles Are Buckling

2 Possible Reasons Why Your Home Roof's Shingles Are Buckling

8 July 2021
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While looking at your roof from the ground, you may have noticed that it has taken on a wavy appearance. Upon closer examination, you may have found that there are areas on the roof where the shingles look like they are buckling up in the center.

If your roof's shingles are buckling, this means that water is most likely seeping under them. There are a couple of possible reasons why this buckling is occurring, both of which requiring a professional to fix the issues.

1.  Plywood Decking Underneath the Shingles Is Warping from Exposure to Moisture

One possible reason why the shingles on your home's roof have started to buckle up could be attributed to moisture damage to the plywood decking. The decking not only provides a solid structure onto which the shingles are attached, but the plywood also holds them up and gives the roof its shape.

However, if moisture has started to seep in under the shingles, it will cause deterioration of the plywood from which the decking is constructed. As the plywood deteriorates, it will start to bend and warp.

This not only causes some areas of the roof to sag, but it will also cause areas to push upward. When the decking pushes upward on the shingles, it will cause them to buckle and pull the edges up, which will allow more water to leak underneath and cause further damage to the plywood.

2.  Material of the Shingles Themselves Has Started to Deteriorate

Another possible reason why the shingles are buckling up is that the shingles themselves have started to deteriorate. Normally, the material from which the shingles are made is pliable enough to hold their shape and positions once they are nailed to the roof.

However, after years of exposure to sunlight and moisture, the shingles can start to dry out. This can cause them to shrink, which makes them start to pull up at the center. As this happens, they can also start to crack and crumble.

No matter whether the buckling of your home roof's shingles is caused by warping plywood decking or deteriorating shingles, either reason for the issue indicates serious damage to the roof that will lead to water leaks if they are not already present. Before major leakage and water damage occurs, contact a roofing contractor in your area to have them inspect your home's roof to find the cause of the buckling so that the appropriate action can be taken.