Signs To Look For Indicating Your Business's Flat Roof Needs Professional Attention

Signs To Look For Indicating Your Business's Flat Roof Needs Professional Attention

6 July 2021
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If the flat roof on your business's building has quite a few years on it, you may worry that it could start leaking at any given time. However, whenever you walk around on it to inspect it, you may not be able to detect any damage in dry weather, leading you to believe that it is still in good condition.

However, there may be indicators of damage that can only be seen during or directly after it rains. Below are a couple of signs for which you should look while the roof is wet to see if there is any damage.

1.  Surface of the Roof Rippling While the Wind Is Blowing

One sign indicating a serious problem with your business's flat roof that is often only noticeable during a storm can be ascertained by looking at the surface. Whenever the wind blows, you may see that the roof appears to ripple or wave. If this effect is seen, the most likely culprit is a loose surface membrane. This membrane is the first layer of protection for the flat roof, and it protects the underlying material from water exposure.

If the membrane has any rips, the wind will pick it up and blow underneath it, causing ripples or waves. Along with the wind, there is most likely water blowing underneath, which is causing water damage to the layers beneath the membrane.

2.  Water Accumulating in Various Spots on the Roof

Another sign for which you can look either during or after a rainstorm comes through your area is the accumulation of water on the surface of the roof. It may appear as if several pools of water are forming in various spots.

If water is pooling on the surface, the layers of the flat roof may already be deteriorating. This deterioration leads to dips in the roof that allow the water to collect. Because these areas do not dry out as quickly as the flatter portions of the roof, the water will cause the roof to further deteriorate and eventually cause leaks.

If your commercial building's flat roof is showing the above signs when you inspect it during or directly after a rainstorm, there is a good chance that it is already leaking or will begin to leak soon. To keep from having extensive water damage inside of your building, contact a commercial roofing contractor near you, such as Commercial Solutions, Inc.,  to have them fully expect the flat roof for damage so that they can take the necessary actions to either fix or replace it.