A Clay Tile Roof Is A Durable Option That Enhances The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

A Clay Tile Roof Is A Durable Option That Enhances The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

29 June 2021
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A clay tile roof gives your home a distinctive look. While clay tiles are common on homes with Spanish or Mediterranean architecture, they're also often used on ranch homes in typical suburbs. If you love the look of this type of residential roofing, talk to your roofer to see if clay tiles are right for your home and climate. Here are a few things to know about clay tile roofing.

Clay Tiles Are Durable

An important benefit of clay tile residential roofing is that the tiles are durable and they can last for decades. Tiles resist water, fire, and insects. They are also good for coastal areas, as they resist salt damage.

However, the tiles have one weak spot. They can be damaged if you don't walk on them properly. As long as you, your roofer, and any contractor that goes on your roof, walk on the flat parts of the tiles, they shouldn't be damaged. If you step on a hump in the tile, the tile could crack.

Clay Tiles Can Be Used In All Climates

Clay tiles are common in warm climates where frost is rare. However, some clay tiles are made for northern climates. If you live where freezing temperatures, frost, and snow are common, be sure you use tiles that have been tested and rated for cold weather installation. Your roofer can let you know if clay tiles are suitable for the area where you live.

Clay Tile Roofs Usually Have Underlayment

Underlayment is used on most types of residential roofing, and it also is used with clay tile roofs. The way the tiles are designed allows for rain to flow over the tiles, but rain driven by wind or cracks in the roofing can let rain get under the tiles. The tiles are made to allow for air circulation, so moisture can evaporate.

Putting underlayment under the roofing keeps the roof deck dry when rain gets under the tiles. If your roofing contractor decides to use underlayment, they choose the most appropriate underlayment that's strong and durable so it protects your home for a long time.

Clay Tiles Are Often Reclaimed

When clay tile roofs are taken off, the tiles may be recycled or reclaimed so they don't have to be thrown out. The benefit of reclaiming old tiles is that you can sometimes find old tiles that match yours when you have to replace a tile. Otherwise, the new tile will have a different color from your old ones, and it will be noticeable.

Damaged tiles don't always need to be replaced. A roofer can sometimes patch a crack or chip so the tile won't leak and it won't need to be replaced.

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