Foam Roof Installation Guide To Improve Your Business With A New Energy-Efficient Replacement

Foam Roof Installation Guide To Improve Your Business With A New Energy-Efficient Replacement

28 June 2021
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The roof of your business is an area where energy loss might be looking for solutions to solve energy loss issues. Today, lightweight commercial roofing materials could be the right solution for the energy needs of your business. Foam roofing systems are one of these options, but there is some planning that needs to go into these projects. The following foam roof installation guide will help you improve your business with a new energy-efficient roofing system.

Roof Decking For Spray Foam Roofs

The roof decking is one of the first areas to consider for your foam roof project. The decking for spray foam roofs is usually corrugated metal with a rigid substrate material. This provides a surface for the even application of spray materials that will finish the roof. The decking needs to be installed for new construction, and it may be something to consider when there is damaged to existing roofing that needs extensive repairs.

Renewing Existing Roofs with Spray Materials

Sometimes, the foam roof installation can be done over the existing roofing materials. This is a great option to renovate old asphalt roofing systems. If the roof is just a little worn, it can be coated with a spray foam roofing system. This is an affordable option to add an insulated roof to replace the old roofing without the cost of tearing off the old layers of asphalt. This will also improve the energy efficiency of old buildings.

Planning Drainage for a Spray Foam Roofing System

Just like with many other commercial roofing systems, drainage is something that you need for your roof. This can be done using layers of substrate materials that are cut to create runoff. The sheathing will need to be covered with foam and the finish coating. Another option is to use the spray foam to build up the roof and use lower depths at drains to create drainage.

Sealant Layers and Flashing to Complete Spray Foam Roofing

The final layers of roofing are the sealants that are applied to the surface of the roof. These are seamless layers of roof finishes that can be lighter, white-colored polyurethane sprays, which will give you a finish that reflects heat to make your roof more efficient. These layers of seamless spray roof membranes are also easy to repair if there is ever a problem with leaks or damage.

Installing a foam roofing system for your business can be a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial property. Contact a foam roofing system installation professional to start planning the roofing system.