Repairs A Roofing Contractor Might Need To Make When Pests Damage Your Roof

Repairs A Roofing Contractor Might Need To Make When Pests Damage Your Roof

24 June 2021
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Although soffits are a common entry point for animal pests, large pests like raccoons can get in your roof through the shingles and deck. If you notice raccoons on your property, make sure they're staying away from your roof since these animals are big enough to do some serious damage. If you look up and see a raccoon peeking out from a hole in your roof, it's time to call a roofing contractor. Here are some steps the roofer may take to repair the roof damage.

Repair The Deck Damage

A hole big enough for a raccoon to get in will let in a lot of rain. If the hole has been there a while, the deck might be rotting from water damage. The roofing contractor may tear off some shingles to see how much of the deck is damaged. All the rotted area has to be removed and replaced with new decking.

A roof deck is often made of plywood, and it's nailed to the rafters that are usually spaced several inches apart. When the roofer removes bad decking, they take it off at a rafter so the new decking has something solid to nail to. Once the new decking is on, underlayment is placed on the new deck, and then shingles can be applied.

Patch Soffit Holes

If the entry hole is on the underside of the roof, there may not be water damage and rotting. In that case, the roofing contractor might just patch the hole with a piece of metal so other pests can't chew through the area again.

If you don't like the look of metal or if the soffit is rotted, the roofer may just replace the soffit board. Sometimes, raccoons or rats can tear off the screen over the soffit vents, and if that happens, the roofer can replace the screen.

Replace Or Repair Damaged Shingles

If animals scratch your roof, they may knock off most of the granules on some of the shingles. Shingles with lost granules have a higher risk of leaking, so your roofer may replace the shingles with new ones. If the shingles are in good shape, but just have the granules scraped off, the roofer might put more granules on using adhesive to hold them in place.

Animals can cause damage on any part of your roof that's vulnerable. That's one reason it's important to keep up with roof repairs. In addition, it's a good idea to trim back tree branches so raccoons, squirrels, and rats don't have easy access to your roof. If you ever see rats or raccoons walking around on your roof, you may want to call a roofing contractor in your area, such as Kerry Roofing & Masonry, to do a roof check even if you don't see any damage. By sealing up holes and scratched or gnawed areas promptly, you might prevent costly damage to your roof and attic.