Roofing Repair Options To Extend The Life Of Commercial Materials

Roofing Repair Options To Extend The Life Of Commercial Materials

16 June 2021
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If you have problems with the roof of your business, you want to stop the damage before it becomes costly. Often, damage to your roof can lead to it needing to be replaced before it should. Therefore, repairs for your commercial roofing are important to reduce costs and ensure materials last. The following commercial roof repairs will help ensure your roofing materials last for years:

Repairing Leaks Around Mechanical Installations

Various mechanical systems are installed on the roof of your building. Some of the equipment include things like AC units and mechanical ventilation. These are some of the areas where your roof is more vulnerable to problems with wear and leaks. Therefore, repairs may need to be done to leaks around mechanical boots and vents.

Membrane Roofing Punctures and Damage

A popular commercial roofing material that is installed on modern flat roofs is a membrane. If you have a commercial roof membrane installed on your business, it is going to need a few repairs over its lifespan. Patching the punctures that can happen due to foot traffic or debris are common repairs for membranes. Other issues with these materials include damage at the seams where pieces of membrane join together. These issues can be repaired with a strip of new membrane and a bonding agent to ensure they last.

Damaged Roof Drainage Systems

The drainage systems of commercial roofs can also be vulnerable to damage. The roof drain grates are often where these problems start. This is because debris flows with the runoff to the grates, which can cause the lines to become clogged and damage your roof. These problems need to be repaired before they cause more severe damage to your property. When repairing the damage, the grates can have a small curb around them to keep the debris out of the drain system.

Excessive Wear Due to Various Causes

There are various causes of excessive wear on commercial roofs. This can happen due to the everyday foot traffic for maintenance routines and work. It can also be due to the roof design and excessive runoff going to one area of the roof. Therefore, there may be repairs and improvements that need to be done to correct the issues with excessive wear on your roof.

The roof repairs that you need to have done for your business will ensure roofing materials don't wear out before they should. Contact a roof repair company to get the help you need repairing minor damage to your roof before it causes serious problems.