Some Helpful Insight About Home Window Installation

Some Helpful Insight About Home Window Installation

7 June 2021
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Most homeowners only have their home windows replaced once or twice in their lifetime. As such, this tends to be a process shrouded in a bit of mystery and unfamiliarity. Window installation contractors do their best to answer your questions and explain the process, but you may still find yourself with some quandaries and concerns before you have windows installed. This article aims to clear up some of those common uncertainties.

How long does window installation take?

Homeowners often assume this is a much bigger project than it really is. For experienced window installation contractors, it typically only takes one to two days to replace the windows on an average house. If you have a historic home with a lot of specialized windows, it might take three days — but it would be very rare for window installation to take longer than that. Most window installation contractors work with a team, so they can move quickly.

Can the window installers work in the rain?

You may be a little worried when your window installation company doesn't schedule a rain date. But this is not because they're negligent or irresponsible. It's because they can work through most rain. Since they work as a team with some people inside and others outside, they only have to leave a window opening "open" for a few seconds. Typically, they have plastic sheeting and other ways to keep water from coming in while they're working. They may take a pause during a downpour, but the average rain shower won't hold them up.

Will there be a mess to clean up? 

In most cases, the answer is "no." Window installers should clean up after themselves before they leave. You may find some scraps or little bits in your plants outside, but this should be minor. If you want to save money on your window installation, though, one way to do so is to offer to clean up after the installation. If the installers can put the windows in and leave the cleanup to you, then this cuts down on their labor hours, and they may charge you less. Not every company offers this option, but if you're on a budget, it's worth asking.

Hopefully, this article has given you a little extra insight into the window installation process and how it works. Don't hesitate to ask your window replacement company any additional questions that come to mind. Contact a home window installation company for more information.