Planning Your Spanish Clay Tile Roofing Project To Give Your Home A Revival Look

Planning Your Spanish Clay Tile Roofing Project To Give Your Home A Revival Look

1 June 2021
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Spanish revival architecture is a type of home design that incorporates specific features that are more traditionally found on historic buildings. These designs are found in Spain, Western US, and former Spanish colonies. In modern architecture, the roof is going to be a clay tile roof, which requires some special considerations before the materials can be installed. The following Spanish clay tile roof installation information will help you complete your project:

Structural Planning for Tile Roofing

The structural planning for a tile roof is the most important stage in your property. The tiles are heavier than conventional materials like asphalt or metal roofing, which is why they need to have a specially designed roof structure. The roof framing is going to require bracing, beams, and support that is continued through the structure to foundation footing beams. This will ensure your home doesn't have problems with structural loads after the clay tile roof has been installed.

Moisture Barriers and Underlayments for Tiles

As with other types of roofing materials, your clay tile roofing is going to need a moisture barrier installed beneath the tiles. This can be asphalt felt paper for wood decking or coatings for other materials like concrete structures. For other materials, there are options to seal the roof deck surface to help provide more protection against moisture problems and energy loss.

Installing Clay Tile Roofing

The installation of the clay tiles is the last step when installing your roof. There are a couple of options for the installation of the tiles depending on the type of structure where they are being installed. These tiles are installed on concrete structures in many areas using cement mortar. In most of North America, wood structures are more common. The wood structures need a lighter solution. This is why there are foam products that are designed for the installation of clay tile roofing.

Caring and Repairing Your Tile Roofing

Clay tile roofing will last for generations, but it is going to need minor maintenance like cleaning. You may occasionally need to have your Spanish tile roof repaired too. When you do cleaning maintenance, look for signs of damage like cracked or missing tiles. Replace the damaged tiles to ensure the damage doesn't spread. The simple tile roof maintenance and repairs will ensure your roof never needs to be replaced.

The installation of clay tile roofing is one of the essential elements of Spanish revival architecture. Contact a Spanish tile roofing service to discuss these options for your property.