Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint Through Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials

Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint Through Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials

13 May 2021
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Are you concerned about the carbon footprint you will leave on the earth? If so, you should know that doing your part to protect the environment doesn't need to mean sacrificing all luxuries in life or spending a small fortune converting to an off-grid existence. In fact, you can make a significant impact by simply taking the time to be more mindful when selecting building materials for your home improvement projects. For instance, you can improve the curb appeal of your home, enjoy lower monthly energy bills, and do your part to help save the environment simply by selecting one of the eco-friendly roofing materials below for your next residential roof installation.

Rubber Roofing Materials

Rubber roofs are typically made from recycled or repurposed rubber materials such as old tires. As a result, your decision to install a rubber roof on your home will help to keep these old tires or other rubber items out of your local landfills. This fact makes a rubber roof a great option for people who are looking for an eco-friendly roofing option.

There are many other reasons to consider rubber roofing for your home. For example, rubber roofing materials offer a very impressive lifespan when compared to other residential roofing materials. These eco-friendly roofs also require very little maintenance and offer superior resistance against weather-related damage.

Green Roofing

If you are not familiar with the concept of green roofing, a green roof is created using a waterproof rubber membrane, which is then covered with plant life. This style of eco-friendly roofing can help to keep your energy consumption low and save you a ton of money on heating and cooling costs thanks to the natural insulation it provides. Green roofs also help to improve the air quality surrounding your home as live plants are able to naturally filter out many of the pollutants that are commonly found in the air. Depending upon the slope of your roof and your available roof access, a green roof can also provide you with additional gardening space. This can be very beneficial for homeowners who live in densely populated areas and may not have access to a large yard in order to do much gardening. 

Check With Your Local Roofing Company

Both rubber roofing materials and green roofing options provide a great opportunity to make your home a bit more eco-friendly. However, these are just a couple of the environmentally friendly options the market has to offer. To further explore either of these roofing options or to inquire about what other environmentally friendly options are available for your roofing needs, be sure to contact a roofing service in your local area.